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Skylight Installation & Repair in Kingston, Ontario

Skylight Installation and Repair

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Perfect skylight offers lots of natural light, energy efficiency, and aesthetic features. It can brighten up your home and your mode, but the perfect skylight only comes after a perfect installation.

Contrary to what it seems, skylights are very different from regular windows. Slight variations can lead to energy loss, leakage, moisture damage, and other problems. That’s why it’s important to have professionals handle skylight installation and repair. At Gable 2 Gable, we have an entire team of qualified professionals experienced in skylight installation in Kingston. We can help you get that perfect skylight for your home.

Let’s see how our professionals handle Skylight installation in Kingston.

  1. The most crucial step in the installation process is determining where and what type of skylight to use. We help you select a site that receives enough natural light while avoiding excessive heat gain during the summer.
  2. The next step is to carefully mark the rafters and remove roofing material to make room for the skylight.
  3. We then fit the frame and install metal flashing to prevent leaks. It’s essential that your flashing be properly sealed, or you’ll be dealing with roof damage down the line.
  4. Finally, we patch up the roof and ceiling to restore the original condition.

Skylight Repair in Kingston

Skylights are exposed to harsh elements, so they are bound to need repair at some point. If you’re having problems with your skylight, Gable 2 Gable is here to help. Skylight repair is a specialty of ours, and we will make sure that your skylight is working as efficiently as the day it was installed.

We can repair your skylight if it has;

  • Leaks after rain
  • Open seams; allowing cold air and general debris to enter the home
  • Leak stains the roof
  • Water drips because of heavy condensation
  • The glass or plastic is broken or cracked
  • Damaged skylight shafts, tracks, and hinges

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How long does a skylight last?

A Skylight will usually last 10-20 years, but this varies depending on the quality of the skylight, how well it was installed, and the type of weather it is exposed to.

2- Do skylight expose you to harmful UV radiation?

Skylights do let in some UV radiation, but skylights with a sun-blocking (UV-stopping) overhang or interior overglaze filter out most harmful rays.

3- How do Skylights save on energy?

Skylights let in the natural light and reduce the load on artificial lighting, saving you money. In addition, manufacturers use heat-absorbing, insulating, or other special glazes to boost skylight efficiency in different weathers.

If you’re looking for more information or want to schedule Skylight installation in Kingston, give us a call today. We’ll give you a custom estimate and the best advice for your home.

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  • We were very impresses with Gable 2 Gable Renovations. Everything was completed as promised and all our questions were answered right away. They worked very hard to make sure we were happy and our new roof looks great.”

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